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Rothschilds Snub Queen Elizabeth II
روتچایلد ملکه الیزابت دوم را
 at Bank of England visit
  در بازدید از بانک انگلستان(با نبودنش-م) کنف کرد
ده دقیقه و هشت ثانیه
ترجمه از : پیمان پایدار

14 jun. 2015بارگذاری شده 
Channel 4 the Great Britain news channel missed all the real news points and the issues upon the Queen's visit to the bank of England in 2013. When Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Bank of England - the British Channel 4 Press inferred that by her asking questions about the financial crisis - she may be interfering with the Bank of England. Meanwhile the Rothschild owners of the Bank of England were absent. They were after all the main cause of the crisis - shame on them. How? Through their Cartel of subsidiary banks operated by the cultist Rothchild's and associates who also own the Bank of England, banks of Switzerland and Federal Reserve and nearly all the private central banks in the world. Therefore this is another example of the hypocrisy and your mind control by the white Templar and Jewish masonic bankers who own world banking today. They do what they choose to do and don't give a hoot.

کانال 4 شبکه خبری بریتانیا تمام اخبار و مسائل واقعی را با بازدید ملکه  انگستان (انگل و مفت خور -م) از بانک انگلستان در سال 2013 از دست دادند. وقتی ملکه الیزابت دوم و شاهزاده فیلیپ از بانک انگلستان دیدن کردن - کانال چهار تلویزیون انگلیس چنین استنباط کردند که با سئوال کردن ملکه  در مورد بحران مالی - او ممکن است دخالتی کرده باشد به امورات بانک مرکزی انگلستان. در همین حال روتچایلد ها صاحبان بانک انگلستان حضور نداشتند . تازه اونها علت اصلی بحران بوده (و هستند-م) - شرم بر آنها. چگونه/چطور؟ از طریق گرداندن کارتل بانکهای توابع خود راتچایلد ها و همکارانشان که صاحب بانک مرکزی انگلستان ، بانک سوئیس و فدرال رزرو(آمریکا-م) و تقریبا تمام بانکهای مرکزی خصوصی در جهان . بنابراین این یک مثال دیگر از ریاکاری و کنترل ذهن شماست توسط زائر بیت المقدس و بانکداران فراماسونی یهودی(بخوان صهیونیست-م) که بانک جهانی را در دست دارند . آنها به آن چیزی که انتخاب کرده اند عمل میکنند و به تخمشان هم نیست.

In 1977, the Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary called BANK OF ENGLAND NOMINEES LIMITED, a private limited company with 2 of its 100 £1 shares issued. The objectives of the company are: “To act as Nominee or agent or attorney either solely or jointly with others, for any person or persons, partnership, company, corporation, government, state, organisation, sovereign, province, authority, or public body, or any group or association of them….”

در سال 1977، بانک به راه اندازی یک شاخه کاملا فرعی به نام بانک انگلستان با نامزدان/نمایندگان محدود، یک شرکت خصوصی  با صادر کردن 2 تا از 100 سهم یک پوندی اقدام کرد. اهداف این شرکت عبارتند از: "به عنوان نامزد یا نماینده یا وکیل یا صرفا یا به طور مشترک با دیگران، برای هر شخص یا اشخاص، مشارکت، شرکت، کمپانی، حکومت، دولت، سازمان، مستقل، استان، قدرت/اتوریته، و یا بدنه عمومی ، و یا هر گروه یا انجمنی از آنها .... "

The two shares belong to the bank itself and John Footman who only holds it on behalf of the bank. The directors of this private limited company which is a subsidiary of the bank are John Footman and Andrew Bailey who are both employees of the bank itself.

دو سهام متعلق به خود بانک است و جان فوتمن که فقط آن را به نمایندگی از بانک نگه می دارد . مدیران این شرکت خصوصی محدود که یک شرکت تابعه از بانک است جان پادو و اندرو بیلی که هر دو از کارکنان بانک اند میباشند .

This company is very special as its protected by the official secrets act, its Royal Charter status and is exempt from the normal disclosure requirements that other companies have to comply with to meet section 27 of the Companies Act 1976.

این شرکت بسیار ویژه است چرا که توسط قانون اسرار رسمی، وضعیت منشور سلطنتی، از آن حفاظت میشود ، و از الزامات افشای طبیعی که شرکت های دیگر مطابق با بخش 27 از قانون شرکت های 1976 می باید پیروی کنند معاف است.

The reason being is that the major players in the world of finance including the Queen of England and other Royal families use this company to purchase shares and remain anonymous.

دلیلش اینست که بازیکنان اصلی امور بانکی در جهان از جمله ملکه انگلستان و دیگر خانواده های سلطنتی از این شرکت برای خرید سهام و ناشناس باقی ماندن استفاده میکنند .

However the Bank of England Nominees company accounts are not exempt from any laws regarding companies and they must print their accounts as every company must do which can then be accessed through the Company House website. It is interesting to note however that the latest Bank of England Nominees LTD accounts say that: “There has been no income or expenditure on the part of the Company since its incorporation and accordingly no profit and loss account is submitted.”

با این حال حساب های نماینده گان شرکت بانک انگلستان از هر گونه قوانین در مورد شرکت ها معاف نیستند و آنها باید حساب های خود را بمانند هر شرکت چاپ کرده که سپس از طریق وب سایت شرکت قابل دسترسی است . هر چند جالب است  توجه شود که حسابهای آخرین نمایندگان محدود بانک انگلستان می گوید که: "هیچ درآمد یا هزینه ای از طرف این شرکت از زمان الحاق آن صورت نگرفته و بر این اساس هیچ سود و زیانی نیز ارائه نشده است"

It still also has total net assets of £2 (the £2 shares).
هنوز هم کل دارائی خالص آن 2 پوند است : 2 تا سهام.

However even though the Bank of England is now state owned its important to note that up to 97% of the UK’s money supply is privately controlled being in the form of interest bearing loans created by the big commercial banks.

با این حال هر چند بانک مرکزی انگلیس اکنون متعلق به دولت است گفتنی میباشد که کنترل 97% عرضه پول بریتانیا در قالب وام با بهره توسط بانک های بزرگ تجاری در دست بخش خصوصی ست.


The Netherlands just made the Church

 هلند تنها 'کلیسای هیولای اسپاگتی پرنده' را بعنوان دین رسمی به ثبت رساند

of the Flying Spaghetti Monster an official religion


بخندید تا دنیا بر رویتان بخندد. آیا دین جز افیون چیز دگری هست!؟

e Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is now an official religion in the Netherlands and members worldwide are celebrating with a bowl of pasta.
According to the Inquisitr, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Pastafarianism, is a social movement that emerged in 2005 and quickly went on to become an internet phenomenon.
Not strictly a religion, the torchbearers of the movement encourages a light-hearted view on dogma. The group is known for its opposition to the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public schools.

A spokesman for the Dutch wing of the church released the following statement:
“The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is since today officially registered as Denomination! Our church stands for equality for all. Therefore, anyone can sign up free of charge and without obligation.”
“We come together in local churches and at events. Our services are especially devoted to socializing. So we eat pasta, we drink beer and discuss faith.’
Currently, the church’s Twitter account has more than 4,200 members with the number of new congregants increasing by the day.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster EXPLAINED - The Flying Spaghetti Monster and His relation to PIRATES

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In Transition 2.0: در حال گذار به
a story of resilience and hope
 داستانی از انعطاف پذیری و امید
 in extraordinary times
در دورانی فوق العاده
ترجمه از : پیمان پایدار
 25 nov. 2013بارگذاری شده
You can now order the DVD of this film, in a deluxe or a budget version, from

شما میتوانید دی وی دی این فیلم را در نوع لوکس یا اقتصادی اش از سایت فوق الذکر تهیه نمائید 
It features the following subtitles, all of which have been done by volunteers in their respective countries: Albanian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. You will also find the links for ordering NTSC versions if you are in the US or Japan, or ordering from Germany. Here's how we describe it:

  شامل زیرنویس های زیر است ، که تمام و کمال به دست داوطلبان در کشورهای متبوع خود انجام گرفته است: آلبانیائی، کرواتی، هلندی، فنلاندی، فرانسوی، آلمانی، عبری، مجارستانی، ایتالیائی، ژاپنی، پرتغالی، رومانیائی، اسلواکی، اسپانیائی، سوئدی، ترکی. همچنین شما میتوانید  لینک هائی از آنرا برای سفارش نسخه  ان تی اس سی از آن اگر شما در ایالات متحده یا ژاپن هستید. و یا از آلمان سفارش دهید.  ما اینچنین آنرا توصیف میکنیم:

"In Transition 2.0 is an inspirational immersion in the Transition movement, gathering stories from around the world of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You'll hear about communities printing their own money, growing food, localising their economies and setting up community power stations. It's an idea that has gone viral, a social experiment that is about responding to uncertain times with solutions and optimism. In a world of increasing uncertainty, here is a story of hope, ingenuity and the power of growing vegetables in unexpected places"

"در حال گذار 2.0 غوطه ور شدن الهام بخش گونه ایست از جنبش گذار ، جمع آوری کردن داستانهائی از سراسر جهان از مردم عادی که کارهای فوق العاده ای انجام میدهند. شما در مورد کومونیته هائی خواهید شنید که پول خودشان را چاپ میکنن، مواد غذایی خود را تهیه، اقتصاد خود را منطقه ای و به راه اندازی نیروگاه های کومونیته ای خود اقدام نموده اند . این یک ایده ایست که همه گیر شده ، آزمایش اجتماعی است که پاسخ گوی زمان نامشخص خود توام با راه حل ها و خوش بینی میباشد. در جهانی که عدم قطعیت رو به فزونی ست ، اینجا داستانی از امید، نبوغ و قدرت تولید و رشد سبزیجات در مکان های غیر منتظره است "

Expose Israel : افشای اسرائیل

Ice skating Palestinian Dabke dance 

 اسکیت روی یخ : رقص دبکه فلسطینی
 with a Palestinian folkloric music in Ontario - Canada.
با موسیقی فولکلوری فلسطینی اونتاریو - کانادا
در نمونه اول آن: از صفحه دوست عزیز فلسطینی ام مزین قومصیه
و نمونه دوم از یوتوب در زیر

11 abr. 2015 بارگذاری شده

2015 World Synchro Champs SP Team Canada 2 - Duration: 6:34. 
Alberto Fujimori: A 25 años del golpe de Estado
آلبرتو فوجی موری (پرو): 25 سال پس از کودتایش
بیست و پنج سال و 22 روز پیش- پنجم آوریل 1992- آلبرتو فوجی موری (با برنامه قبلی سیا وتائید امپریالیسم آمریکا) با   کودتا و بستن کنگره برنامه اجماع واشنگتن(نئولیبرالیسم پوسیده)را به احرا گذاشت. و  تا به امروز این سیستم پوسیده با به فقر کشاندن بیش از 50 درصد 30 میلیونی جمعیت و هر چه بیشتر کردن فاصله طبقاتی و نابودی تمامی دستاوردهای دموکرتیک و 8 ساعت کار و...جهانی کردن سرمایه داری را تحقق بخشیده....هر چند بالاخره بعد از ده سال سر کار بودن و فرارش ...دستگیر شده و در هفتم آوریل 2009 به 25 سال زندان محکوم گردیده است
11:43به اسپانیائی
 4 abr. 2017بارگذاری شده
La noche del domingo 5 de abril de 1992, el entonces presidente Alberto Fujimori disolvió el Congreso de la República, Asimismo, anunció la reorganización del Poder Judicial, el Consejo Nacional de la Magistratura, el Ministerio Público y la Contraloría General de la República.

TOMORROW آینده - Trailer(1;46)

فیلمی پیرامون اشکال مختلف سازماندهی برای نجات بشر از نظام جهانخوار کنونی
بخوان سازماندهی منطقه ای و غیر متمرکز و خودمختار برای و بنام آینده

 19 nov. 2015بارگذاری شده
Tomorrow - Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent

Many things have been tried to resolve the ecological and economic crises. They haven’t really worked. According to Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammed Yunnus, the strongest driving force in human beings is their desire and their imagination. He believes that today we must make films and tell stories that spark the desire to build another world. This is what Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent decided to do by lining up known solutions in all spheres side-by-side to show what our society could look like tomorrow… 

چیزهای زیادی صورت گرفته و سعی شده که بحران زیست محیطی  و اقتصاد(بخوان سرمایه داری خانمانسوز-م) را حل و فصل کند . آنها واقعا کار نکرده اند. بزعم برنده جایزه صلح نوبل محمد یونس ، قوی ترین نیروی محرکه در انسان تمایل و تخیل اوست. او معتقد است که امروزه ما باید فیلمهای بسازیم و داستانهائی را بازگو کنیم که جرقه تمایل ساخت جهان دیگری را بزند . این چیزی است که سیریل دیون و ملانی لوران تصمیم گرفتند، توسط پوشش دادن راه حل های شناخته شده  در تمام حوزه های جانبی، برای نشان دادن آنچه جامعه آینده ما می تواند ترسیم شود، انجام دهند ...
  • ترجمه از :پیمان پایدار

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What Kind of Sarin 

چه نوعی از سارین
Poisoned the Political Will of World Leaders?
مسموم کرده اراده سیاسی رهبران جهان را ؟

“‘War is peace’, ‘Freedom is slavery’, ‘Ignorance is strength’ and ‘Lying is the truth'” -“Nineteen Eighty-Four”, George Orwell
The statements of some Western politicians about the Idlib chemical attack on April  4, suggest once again that the so-called modern world is suffering a severe and chronic crisis of political will.
The lack of a clear and independent position on the issue (and also on most of global problems) by the governments of Western powers constitutes a serious obstacle in the fight against such threats as terrorism, organized crime, the struggle against hunger, global warming, the proliferation of nuclear weapons etc.
This raises serious doubts as to whether these politicians are competent and whether the opportunity to make the world safer under their leadership is real.
UN experts have not yet published any objective conclusions as to who might be involved in the use of chemical weapons in the city of Khan Sheikhun. The result of the samples’ analysis isn’t released. It was not even determined what war gas and kind of weapons (munitions) were used.
The investigation initiated by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in Syria has just started and the experts have so far refused to comment on what had happened without having at least preliminary information on the issue.
But how is all of this related to the attitude of Western politicians and diplomats, when the world community wants a speedy reaction to what had happened?
The main thing for them is to do their best to earn political capital, without waiting for the results of the investigation and without making well-considered decisions. When the world community forgets to think about the tragedy, the situation in the world can dramatically change.
One of the main conditions of political success is a storm of hysteria in the mainstream media and an attempt to adopt a rough-and-ready UN resolution.
While using such tough retaliation measures as Trump’s pinpoint strikes and organizing a splendid little war any weak politician can turn the world on its head, rekindle glory, become once again the history-maker, divert people’s attention from Obamacare and other problems within their  own country.
Hundreds of Syrian children were brutally thrown to the wolves and murdered.
Are diplomats from different countries really getting to the bottom of the truth? An analysis of the statements about the chemical attack in Syria makes it possible to give answers that are close to reality to these questions.
The events that took place within a week after the air strike attack on Khan Sheikhun divided the world community into two camps. Some seek to establish the truth, while the latter require immediate action, not caring about the truth.
A list of supporters of Orwell’s strategy:
1. The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces one of the first claimed that at least 80 people were killed, and 200 injured as a result of the attack. The armed opposition accused the Syrian Army of the action.
2. U.S. President Donald Trump put the responsibility for the alleged chemical attack on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Some Trump’ specialists from Quemado Institute state Khan Sheikhun’s false flag might also be designed to overthrow Trump, by proving Trump is an impulsive and dangerous leader who is unfit for office.
3. The Turkish Foreign Ministry called on all the parties whose influence on the Syrian government is high, to “immediately stop the barbaric attacks, which grossly violate the truce and are directed against civilians.”
M. Çavuşoğlu
4. British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, went much further. Prior  the investigation, Johnson stressed that he had personally seen the evidence of using chemical weapons by the Syrian Army.
B. Johnson
5. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, said that the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun coincided with other Syrian government’s actions.
C. Freeland
6. France’s Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, also blamed Damascus for the incident in Idlib.
J-M Ayrault
7. Qatar is confident that the Syrian authorities are only responsible for the attack in Syria’s Idlib. This was stated by Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani.
A. al-Thani
8. Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel refrained from accusing the Syrian authorities, but expressed fears that in the fight against terrorism, calling for restraint in the attacks directed against Syrian President Bashar.
S. Gabriel
…This list can be easily continued.
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst the truth.”
1. Staffan de Mistura called on the OPCW to launch an investigation on the chemical attack, and demanded to determine those guilty for the attack in Syria’s Idlib. De Mistura also proposed to organize a meeting of the UN Security Council.
S. de Mistura
2. Even warhawk Frederica Mogherini has condemned Trump’s actions. The head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini, said those who are responsible for using chemical weapons in the Syrian Idlib, should be punished.
F. Mogherini
3. Shock, but NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, called for bringing the perpetrators to justice, refraining from accusations against Bashar Assad.
J. Stoltenberg
4. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, called for an objective and fair investigation.
H. Chunying
Is it easy to continue this list?
Apparently, it does not make sense whether the second camp can establish the truth or not. The will of most of the Western leaders and diplomats is poisoned by political, financial and personal interests.
For the Syrian people, who are the victims of the US led war, the missile strikes from the US destroyers constitutes a crime against humanity.
 The process of re-establishing relations with the opposition in Geneva and Astana is again under the threat.
The situation in the Middle is the result of a process of “controlled chaos”. The strategic goals have been achieved, who needs to know the truth about the murdered Syrian children?
Sophie Mangal is a co-editor at Inside Syria Media Center.