Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cute Tilt-Shift Video, Makes Portuguese Town Look Like Miniature Village

10 years ago, 2001,I made my way to Spain,Portugal & Morraco(Marakesh):One of those unforgetable travelling I've done in my whole life.The Village that you are about to see a short video about, was one of the most beautiful places I have visited in this trip.The breath taking and natural beauty of the small town,along side the nice local people made my day so joyful.(By the way I also met a young and handsome Persian couple, resident of U.S.A,whom were also visiting the village,right there in one of those narrow 'Greek' type alley).Today my dear american friend,Pia,sent me this video,that I could not resist not to enter it here, for you folks to watch.Enjoy it,as much as I did.
PaYmaN PieDaR 
******************************************************************** / video-the village

“The Village”,the above link, is a charming short video shot in Óbidos, a small village in Portugal.
Thanks to tilt-shift trickery, the town appears as an adorable miniature.
The video was shot by Daniel Espí­rito Santo for the Bold Creative Studio in Portugal. "

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